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"the closer you get to death"
Celsius002 - 5 days ago
the more you appreciate life,
your thoughts?
 57 M
Ffloyd - 5 days ago
And the girlz sings...
 61 M
Sku-bz - 5 days ago
#Shorter of breath..&one day closer to death#..Floyd
Sku-bz - 5 days ago
Tm didn't know when too run cos he didn't hear the starting gun
NEWDREG2019 - 5 days ago
it'll happen to us all
NEWDREG2019 - 5 days ago
enjoy life
Lynn_75 - 5 days ago
I hear the violins playin ur song.
 44 F
Celsius05 - 5 days ago
...............................^ it ain't over until the fat lady sings,
 44 M
naturalfoodjunky - 5 days ago
We should all appreciate life on a daily basis cuz we have no idea what the next moment has in store. House fire. Car wreck. Hit by a stray bullet. Lightening. Gas leak. Freak accident. etc.
 62 F
Celsius002 - 5 days ago
nfj that is so true
 57 M
MsRoyaltie - 5 days ago
I value and appreciate every breath I breathe
 54 F

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