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Marriage and Legitimacy Children
ladydamara39 - 7 days ago
A woman becomes pregnant by her short term romance partner. Never intended to become anything, but *Friends With Intimate Contact*. She informs her friend, they discuss, he suggest marriage, but all she thinks about is the divorce average & possibilities. So she suggest a short term marriage to end after birth. Should he agree, and hope she'll change her mind, or say no & just be the *Baby Daddy*?
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Gh0stWr1ter - 7 days ago
I think a therapist would help with these recycled topics you're obsessed with and the flawed logic behind them
Scorpion2020 - 7 days ago
purleez - 7 days ago
Here we would call her a shperm bandit!
 101 M
purleez - 7 days ago
Or just call it like it is,.. a bhasterd!.. Meh
 101 M
Ffloyd - 7 days ago
Or call Perry Mason.
 62 M
Huevocentric - 7 days ago
purleez - 7 days ago
^.. True though! :)
 101 M
oldsmartsafexxxx - 7 days ago
Agree with ghostwriter. Except I do NOT believe in therapy or that all error is illness
 72 M
wwwxxxstpp - 7 days ago
didn't you have this topic before
 52 M
OkieMmm - 7 days ago
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