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Fancy1978ooo - 2020-03-20
If life gets you down then climb back up an take charge
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boysa45 - 7 days ago
Why Is So Hard To Pray But Easy To Swear Drink Alcohol Smoke Drugs Shot Ice Jesus Christ Died For Our Sins And He Is Our Saver Our Healer And Our King.....If you don't believe in God well I guess it time to do now Jesus loves use all
 35 M
xRYx - 5 days ago
Only dead fish go with the flow
 99 M
gutterbutbutter - 5 days ago
Always bet on BLACK
 47 M
htill_x0 - 3 days ago
Stag1-sandyxoxo - 3 days ago
Hey guys ;-)
AylaSS - 3 days ago
XxWinterLadyxX - 3 days ago
Never be afraid to an unknown future to a known God.
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lulo001 - 23 hours ago
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lulo001 - 23 hours ago
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