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Do you consider the earth.heaven?
Sniffercode2019 - 7 days ago
sounds good to me
Sniffercode2019 - 7 days ago
your being alive means alot
Ffloyd - 7 days ago
It could and should be.
 61 M
Deereg - 7 days ago
Heaven no! Hell yes!
Byrd-- - 5 days ago
 42 M
dishwallah_23 - 5 days ago
Its a prison,and the angels and the devils tried to make you their own its up to you what will you choose
 30 M
MsRoyaltie - 5 days ago
The Earth is definitely not Heaven
 54 F
Shelly2shoe - 5 days ago
 38 F
Tarheelsfan4ever - 5 days ago
Nope this place ain't heaven
 51 F
wwwxxxstpp - 5 days ago
some days it feels like it close to Heaven
 52 M
Injunator - 5 days ago
Earth is the Abyss. It is low or a creation defiled by the fallen angels and what flesh turned it into, "Vegas" aka "Sin City" . . Hollywood and the rigors of every Nation ! If heaven is above, where are YOU ?
 107 M

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