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Huwrawshow - 22 minutes ago
@Okie Super Ed say they sell worm of the mouth meds at Walgreens..😂😂😂😂
OkieMmm - 19 minutes ago
You're funny but what's with the neck or lack thereof??
 55 M
OkieMmm - 19 minutes ago
I dont think Walgreens has a cure for that js
 55 M
BlessedTruth - 18 minutes ago
Oh come on okie, take one for the team! Just put a flag over the face and do it for the glory!
BlessedTruth - 17 minutes ago
Either that or go on a date with this illustrious beauty (almost in the back of my mouth) and show her a good time! Jk.
OkieMmm - 16 minutes ago
Bet you gotta outtie that makes up for your neck deficiency lol
 55 M
OkieMmm - 15 minutes ago
 55 M
OkieMmm - 14 minutes ago
 55 M
BlessedTruth - 14 minutes ago
What was that toy you squeeze and the yes pop out? I suggest renaming it mzshowstopa and market it to third world countries
BlessedTruth - 12 minutes ago
Panic Pete was it's name

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