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People are angry.
Tower7-G - 23 hours ago
Punish or admonish
SICK-WITTED - 19 hours ago
 53 M
SICK-WITTED - 19 hours ago
Anyone else feel the insanity?
 53 M
SICK-WITTED - 19 hours ago
You're saying the same thing over and over and over
 53 M
Tower7-G - 31 minutes ago
Bill Barr proves once you are a brainwashed bigot you will always be a brainwashed bigot
Tower7-G - 29 minutes ago
These ppl are certified sick and can't help it. They twisted their mind to believe they have no other choice
Tower7-G - 8 minutes ago
So taking top secret documents home is bad enough to be charged with Espionage yet he is now your choice for President? You are a fn right wing zombie
Tower7-G - 7 minutes ago
A anything thinking right wing word Smith artist
Tower7-G - 6 minutes ago
Republicans pick party over country. The old GOP is dead
Tower7-G - 4 minutes ago
Mike Johnson and a bill he does not want to put out is your last chance at proving you are American. Every no vote is that of a anti American brainwashed bigot

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