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All Things Star Trek
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-18
What's your favorite Star Trek show.. and which character or race are you more like?
 47 M
Peekaboo70 - 2020-10-18
Can't best the original, with William Shatner..
 57 F
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-18
I grew up with the Original. My fave is TOS & TNG. Favorite character is Data. And I'm a bit like Vulcans.
 47 M
N/A - 2020-10-18
Orginal of course! Bones
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-18
Way too many fakes. Bonez would've stamped em out. My favorite Doctor is Phlox from ENT.
 47 M
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-21
Anyone watch Star Trek Discovery?
 47 M
Charlene555 - 2020-10-22
Who knew Lucille ball was the first one to own star trek
 30 F
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-23
That's a valid point. Desilu.. as in Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. Thank You for that nugget, Charlene.
 47 M
DodgerFanOC - 2020-10-25
Own? No. But she did greenlight it.
 56 M
sandNZ - 2020-10-26
I think TNG were the best written shows. I do like the originals but the way they portray the characters does feel as if we're watching space cowboys.
 36 M
Beyond-Measure - 2020-10-26
TOS was my fave till TNG came out. I was immediately hooked. The writing & stories were terrific. I didn't start watching DS9 till Worf started in the 4th Season.
 47 M

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