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Protection or no protection
N/A - 2021-10-13
How do you like it
Rez224 - 2021-10-13
Let's be honest these days doesn't really matter🤷🏽‍♀️
 39 F
Niceman1954 - 2021-10-13
Using none at all is my way. Its the best way.
 67 M
SirDksAlot - 2021-10-13
It doesn't matter? Did std's and pregnancy go away? Lol
 43 M
Rez224 - 2021-10-13
Oh it's very much still present but the younger generation doesn't matter to them
 39 F
DADDYDirtbag - 2021-10-13
Generation after generation keeps groaning about younger generation over and over. As if. Ppl are at war with their children. Who taught them? Who should have? Framkenstein created life then refused to nurture it. You do not walk away from a tiny helpless human you create!
 74 M
j_puther_2bed - 2021-10-13
Definitely without lol.. why i need a woman in my life cuz whew
 32 M
Rez224 - 2021-10-13
Haha really J
 39 F
Lost_but_found - 2021-10-13
No protections I love it raw and slow
 33 F
SlimBiBator - 2021-10-13
Defo no protection. I like to splash mine everywhere
 45 M
mrbnlimper - 2021-10-14
definitely raw. only way to go!
 59 M

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