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It's unfolding as we speak
Jim_Acosta - 2021-09-06
The Biden presidency is unravelling.
Jim_Acosta - 2021-09-06
America is in a shambles with Biden at the reins.
Jim_Acosta - 2021-09-06
His presidency is doomed in real time. If he decides to run for re-election he will not succeed in being POTUS again.
Ponycar69 - 2021-09-06
He's protected by the powers that be.
supereddie - 2021-09-06
CNN has started clean up for Biden. It's a big job ahead of them turning a zero into a hero. let the lies fly
 64 M
supereddie - 2021-09-06
say Jim that Fool is to old to be president now much less in another 3 years. But I guess as long as he only takes one question and turns and walks out the door he be alright
 64 M
StalinReturns - 2021-09-06
You guys and your loony tunes conspiracy theories
Terry_Dactyl - 2021-09-06
lol look at him go
DomesReturn - 2021-09-06
Blame Obama.
 33 F
firepower24 - 2021-09-06
The right is gone
firepower24 - 2021-09-06
You are people who are sick

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