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Bra sizes
Master-Blood - 2015-04-26
Ladies who are not afraid to tell their bra size post here and LADIES ONLY
 39 M
OneWinged-Angel - 2019-11-21
nothing like a good old offensive action
 35 F
N/A - 2019-11-21
billdem - 2019-11-21
I could eat you up Riley
 53 M
We_shall3 - 2019-11-21
Hey One Winged. pm me. Very nice, I would root u daily .
 35 M
jaydeee - 2019-11-21
One wing,,,No defense in the world to those wepons
 54 M
Mamon714 - 2019-11-21
38c cup size
N/A - 2019-11-21
No thanks and talking like that no wonder you men are single
Daretobdifferent - 2019-11-21
And yet u girls keep turning up..wot is an old offensive one wing?..or is that something u saw in a book lmao
 52 M
Feisty13 - 2019-11-21
 31 F
N/A - 2019-11-21
This forum like this site isn't just for you perves and your pathetic posts we do have a right to post without your weak attempts at a come on line

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