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People are angry.
House-Money - 4 days ago
Someone gets 25 years for killing someone white who died for someone blk and this bigot let him off I all of a sudden see why a brain washed bigot walks with his head down and pretends everything is fair
House-Money - 4 days ago
If he knew how sick bigots are no one in their right mind would ever side with them
House-Money - 4 days ago
A fn veteran and bigots sided with the racist
House-Money - 4 days ago
Sorry to say bigots have lit a fire hiding won't put out
House-Money - 4 days ago
You have lost Texas. America won't tolerate a bigot making a statement
House-Money - 4 days ago
Watch this
House-Money - 4 days ago
You think you are losing everywhere watch what happens Monday morning
House-Money - 3 days ago
Republicans are collapsing in real time
SICK-WITTED - 3 days ago
With the time stamps, looks like ur collapsing in real time! 🫵🤣👈
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Nobodezful - 3 days ago
Found a book to educate you with.

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