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Scotland FC.. European Championship 2021
SICK-WITTED - 5 hours ago
Quite well known in America, for a few different things. Their brands seem to have done well over their lifetime
 51 M
NiceGuyTerry - 3 hours ago
Always on about food, I wonder why that is. Who's got the best French fries in town? *And Stains you child really?
SICK-WITTED - 1 hour ago
Always on about ppl you despise. Such a sad road for the toad.
 51 M
StalinReturns - 1 hour ago
Yet another Arsenal false dawn confronts reality...
SICK-WITTED - 1 hour ago
Liverpool played well enough I hear
 51 M
StalinReturns - 28 minutes ago
Time to quietly start looking for a new manager...
SICK-WITTED - 22 minutes ago
I hear Poch is getting replaced with Zidane
 51 M
StalinReturns - 18 minutes ago
Yep. Then on to Utd. Or so goes the rumour...
SICK-WITTED - 11 minutes ago
Why believe that when he can cross the line and just coach Arsenal?
 51 M
StalinReturns - 5 minutes ago
Apart from anything else, he swore he'd never do that...

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