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Wife's frigid
PaleBitterAngry - 2021-09-21
Should I wear bag over my face?
Itsjos - 2021-09-21
So your wife would be happier with looking at a bag with Huevs face on it.. ummm, are you on something?
KingAIcohol - 2021-09-21

 20 M
Itsjos - 2021-09-21
Note to self- don't ever get married
N/A - 2021-09-21
T get out of that clone.
N/A - 2021-09-21
Jos @ on something
supereddie - 2021-09-22
might not be a bad idea. be sure you cut the eye hole on the front side of the bag or you want be able to see out
 64 M
DomesReturn - 2021-09-22
Huevo really hurt your feelers today, huh?? 😆
 33 F
Itsjos - 2021-09-22
Am I reading this correctly, now Eds stating it's not a bad idea.. what? To put a bag over his wife's head with Huevs picture on it.. but as long as you cut the eyes out.. so obviously Ed enjoys the eye gaze. Woohoo ed
Itsjos - 2021-09-22
Just need a wife first right, Ed,.. right Ed..
Itsjos - 2021-09-22
ok, I guess I misread the whole thread.. sorry people's, feeling a lil under the weather today.

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