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Do you think student loans should be forgiven ?
Fevajelly - 2022-08-05
Me .On the fence due to I have student loans and sure how nice would that be even to have a small amount forgiven but on the other hand I took the loans out and i am responsible to repay them .Nothing is free tax payers flip the bill for all these social programs .Maybe the universities could be doing more with financial aid .
supereddie - 2022-08-05
no that is ridiculous. it only teaches them not to be responsible for the money they borrow. Maybe Biden is teaching to be politicians when they leave college
 65 M
Heyitsme45 - 2022-08-05
Student loans and most homicides
 55 F
supereddie - 2022-08-05
so what I got my GED on the first try and didn't stupid for it at all
 65 M
SICK-WITTED - 2022-08-05
For all the ppl that paid thir loans back, the universities should have an investment fund for graduates, and they can hold a competition for business plans with grants as a prize. The grad schools can train the lemmings on how to win the grants, and this way yr not forgiving everyone's borrowing, only the ppl that can be successful with what they got. Also so graduates aren't just flying in for free money. Right now the democrats are basically just buying votes.
 52 M
Djack77 - 2022-08-05
Worthwhile education that serves humanity, like medical doctors, engineers, biologists, etc should get a credit. Useless degrees like psychology, studio arts, and gender studies, no.
StStalin - 2022-08-05
Higher education was free for my generation. But the entry standard was much, much higher...
Evangeline801 - 2022-08-05
Ppl may disagree with me, but I think college should be free if possible, or cheaper. Many ppl can't go to college because of cost. I don't know how America could swing it, but it would be nice. Instead of 100 percent free, maybe a work for schooling program.
Cell4 - 2022-08-06
barely she's not too educated.............^ if she doesn't know that there's called community college in every major city of United States of America.
 47 M
Djack77 - 2022-08-06
We have an overabundance of people with useless degrees. There's a lot of scam colleges. They target the dumb, and impoverished.

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