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People are angry.
all-is-black - 2022-08-11
He pleaded the 5th. He did it because he is a lying criminal.
SICK-WITTED - 2023-04-26
So your allies are leaving
 53 M
SICK-WITTED - 2023-04-26
I wonder what’s going to happen when the money stops coming
 53 M
House-Money - 2023-04-27
Okie found put Ted Cruz was a traitor and.became a.track star
House-Money - 2023-04-27
Out.not put
House-Money - 2023-04-27
Ted Cruz is on tape going against the American people
OkieMmm - 2023-04-27
 57 M
thaliadior0 - 2023-04-27
 37 F
Partycharlie - 2023-04-28
Let's go blue wave let's go!(m)(m)(m)(m)(m)(m)
 59 M
Oldfatguy - 2023-04-28
What is okay proud? Wearing a clean shirt to the food bank is that okay proud?
 63 M
White_goodman - 2023-04-28
I watched fox news (hannity)last night, they told Donald Trump he can win in 2024 if he stays on message. If he would shut up about the election being stolen, he probably will win in 2024.
 33 M

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