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Date you started chatting on airg.
Cajunblaze - 2023-08-27
I started chatting on airg 6-08. It’s been 15 years. That’s hard to believe.
 57 M
Theenigma45 - 2023-08-28
Sometime in 2008. My friend introduced me to it
 48 F
I-said-hello - 2023-08-28
Probably 2010
 39 M
VTownboy192 - 2023-08-28
2017 I think. Use to be so good . Now it just sucks
 34 M
Truckerdude46 - 2023-08-28
I think is was late 2009 I was driving Over the road. Had a new phone and airg popped up as a preloaded app.
 54 M
Markgotbanned - 2023-08-29
somewhere around 2015 first found the Airg chat site hugely HAVEN'T STOP SINCE I found few freaky friends and plenty phone playing pals ENJOYING EACH ONE NIGHT AFTER NIGHT not like the old days when wasn't banned so much like nowdays. luv like ALWAYS ANYTIME ALL THE TIME TOGETHER ON AIRG CHAT SITE still the one for me. meeting making more friends and more much MUCH MORE THINGS TIMES TOGETHER TO EXTREMELY ENJOY EACH EVERY EXCITING EVENING EXPERIENCE NOW AND NIGHTLY NEEDING NONSTOP.
 62 M
xocherrycolaxo - 2023-08-29
 18 F
N/A - 2023-08-29
LadyRose76 - 2023-08-29
47 years ago
 48 F
Hellen345 - 2023-08-29
What 15 yes?
 21 F
Hellen345 - 2023-08-29
And 47🤭
 21 F

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