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Status: The Lodge welcomes anyone from Chat, Rp, Gor, Bdsm, despite your walk of life everyone is welcome here as long as you remain respectful, there are no other rules, welcome to the Lodge of the Outlaws
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c) out which there is 100s running around the land, to many of them to have ever been counted, a mile or so North of the Lodge is a small fishing lake with lots of catches on offer. - 2020-01-30
c) pile, the main attraction is the more than grand garden just in front of the Lodge with many old but fine stone benches with 5 large vegetable beds with fences around them to keep the chickens (c - 2020-01-30
c) cloths, broom, soap bits etc, to the side of the Lodge is the wash room, there is no other room in the Lodge or chairs, just outside of the Lodge is the water pump and the already chopped wood (c - 2020-01-30
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