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99, M seeking F, Brooklyn, Single
Status: "ᵢf ᵢ ₐₘ ₙₒₜ fₒᵣ ₘyₛₑₗf, 😇wₕₒ ᵢₛ fₒᵣ ₘₑ? 🙃ₐₙd ᵢf ᵢ ₐₘ ₒₙₗy fₒᵣ ₘyₛₑₗf, 🤗wₕₐₜ ₐₘ ᵢ?😇ₐₙd ᵢf ₙₒₜ ₙₒw, 🤔wₕₑₙ? "
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