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53, M seeking F, Ch3stnutz hillz acad, Single
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Status: As i walk thru the valley 0f death! I will fear n0 evil...
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God got me, woke me up, took me in, sat me down, broke me down and said make me proud. I came up, I rose up l, out the mud, can't trust nobody so #InGodITrust #KevinGates - - 2019-09-01
U lived here tho, U moved to Philly, I am frm Philly, GERMANTOWN, c'mon, really,, Mt. AIRY, Chestnut Hill, north & west Philly too, hung there, I am Philly, represent, bby bby, word!!?!. - 2019-09-01
Bums live in Chester not up CHESTNUT HILL - 2019-08-31
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