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Tories propose mandatory vaccinations for N.S. public school children
B.C. man's death at trampoline park was an accident, coroner's report finds
How Zantac went from world's best-selling drug to being pulled from store shelve
U of M researchers head to West Africa to study how Ebola affects reproductive s
Should nurses be allowed to prescribe certain drugs? Ontario wants to know
'We have more work to do' on helping Mounties with PTSD: RCMP commissioner
'That's a crisis': P.E.I. senior spends 9 nights in ER waiting for long-term car
'Powerful piece of circumstantial evidence' that virus causes paralyzing illness
Drug companies in opioid epidemic settle with Ohio counties, avoiding 1st federa
Lack of ambulances leaves Ottawa at 'level zero' in life-and-death situations

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